Why Red Light Treatment Is the Best Non-surgical Weight Loss Solution?

If you are looking to lose some weight without surgery, you have options. You can lose some pounds and tone up your body through the use of red light treatment. It can help to melt away stubborn fat leaving you looking lean and firm. There are good reasons why red light therapy is the best non-surgical weight loss solution.


About Red Light Treatment

Also known as infrared light or low-level laser therapy, red light treatment is a non-invasive fat removal therapy. The treatment uses low-frequency red light to get rid of fat. Studies have shown that exposure to safe infrared light can be effective for body contouring and weight loss.

The procedure is successful in dealing with fat, where exercise and diet have been ineffective. The red light causes the breakdown of fat cells by dispersing lipids or the molecules in the cells. Fat cells get rid of all their lipids following a few minutes of red light exposure.


How Red Light Therapy Works

This therapy works on the simple premise that cells respond to exposure to infrared light. When the body absorbs light in a specific range, it causes the cells to operate on a higher level. Basic functions like the body’s way of processing and storing fat are affected. This therapy encourages weight loss and reduces cellulite.
The infrared wavelengths positively affect the mitochondria in the cells. The infrared light also helps to improve blood circulation. This helps to reduce cellulite and fatty deposits under the skin.


Red Light Treatment Process

During the therapy process, the patient will lie on a machine that produces Low-Level Laser Light (LLLI). The lasers send targeted beams that enter an individual’s skin and deep layers of the fat cells. There are several ways that the LLLI technology can be used.

The red light machines can offer different light available at varying wavelengths. The various infrared therapies can range from between 700 to 1,400nm (near-infrared) to 3000 to 100,000nm (far-infrared). The red light that is closest to the lower end of the spectrum penetrates deeper.


Benefits Of This Therapy

There are several benefits of the red light treatment. They include reduced appetite, increased fat-burning energy, and effective body contouring. The treatment has the benefit of being non-invasive, which means you do not have to worry about risky side effects. The treatment can be used effectively at home. You can keep up with your weight loss using the same technique.


Using Near-Infrared Treatment

Both the near and far-infrared therapies are of great benefit. The flexible pad emits infrared light to the targeted areas, including the arms, legs, and torso. Several types of red light home devices can be used effectively at home. The devices come in the form of hanging panels, lamps, and even hand-held devices. With these devices, you have the liberty to carry out your weight loss routine from home or anywhere else you choose to.

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