Do you have body fats that do not disappear with any diet or exercise you’ve tried? If so, CryoSlimming® could finally do it for you.

What Is CryoSlimming?

CryoSlimming is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes heat and cold technology to destroy fat cells in the treatment areas permanently. The stomach, arms, thighs, neck, buttocks, and waistline are some areas that usually get cryo treatment. For it to work, you must have pinchable fat.

CryoSlimming is a popular treatment because it produces results after just one session, with more after four to five sessions. CryoSlimming is not a weight loss program, although most people who receive the treatment lose weight.

 What To Do Before A CryoSlimming Procedure

There are some things to avoid before getting the CryoSlimming treatment. One of these is working out before the procedure. Working out raises your body temperature, which is counterproductive to the treatment. The doctors might have a hard time lowering your body temperature for the treatment.

It would also be best if you did not eat or drink any sugars or carbs at least two hours before the treatment and two hours after. The treatment primarily works by triggering the death of fat cells. When you drink or eat sugars and carbs, you fuel the fat cells. This does not work well with the treatment. It is advisable to eat proteins or veggies instead.

 What To Expect On The First Appointment

The first thing that doctors will do is classify the type of fat adiposity by employing thermographic plates. It will allow them to have an excellent visual of where the treatment will be most effective. This system is also a way for the doctors to track your progress with the treatment.

The doctors will also perform measurements of your body. These are your BMI, muscle quality, water percentage, metabolic age, and fat percentage of the whole body. This is another metric that they will use to track progress.

Lastly, they will take photos and measure the area receiving treatment. It will happen at every sequential appointment.

 What Happens During The Treatment?

Doctors use the Cryoskin® device to perform the treatment. They will attach its’ four static heads to the areas with greater fat concentration. A water-based gel is applied to the skin where the static heads are attached. This gel acts as a conductor for the cold. When these are in place, the treatment proceeds, lasting around 40 to 50 minutes.

Two electrodes are attached to the patient’s calf. They stimulate lymphatic drainage during the treatment.

 How Does CryoSlimming Work?

The cold temperature induced during the treatment triggers the death of the fat cells. When the temperatures drop below 17 degrees, apoptosis begins to happen. Apoptosis is programmed cell death. When the cells die, they enter the bloodstream as cellular debris.

When they get into the bloodstream, the lymphatic system takes over, flushing the cellular debris within 14 days. This is the reason for spacing out the sessions within 14 days of each other.

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