The American Sexual Health Association believes that everyone has a right to sexual health. Having happy sexual relations is part of healthy sexuality. Unfortunately, many people experience low sex drive. Understanding this condition can help in its treatment. If you want to know the causes of and treatment for low sex drive, here’s what you should know.

The Common Causes
The causes of low libido differ for each person. Some people have physical, emotional, and psychological problems that can affect their sexual health. Below are some of the common causes of low sex drive:

  • Exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. These can consume an individual completely. They can impact your happiness and sexual performance. Significant lifestyle changes can help correct your situation. Speaking to a doctor can give way to some effective stress-relieving methods and relaxation techniques.
  • Relationship issues. Sometimes, your relationship can put a strain on your sexual health. The loss of sexual desire can spring from many things. Communication problems and loss of trust can lower your libido. Loss of physical attraction and overfamiliarity with your partner can dampen your sexual drive. Regular counseling can help improve the situation.
  • Depression. This is a serious psychological disorder that makes a person feel very low. The sadness and hopelessness do not go away. You can even lose interest in activities that used to make you happy, including sexual activity. Antidepressants and talk therapy can help correct your depression. This can then help your low sex drive.
  • Sexual problems. Issues in your reproductive system can also lead to low sex drive. Ejaculation issues and painful sex can prevent you from triggering or maintaining sexual arousal. Erectile dysfunction and failure to orgasm can also prevent you from enjoying sexual relations.
  • Underlying health conditions. A chronic medical condition can dampen your sexual drive. Diabetes and cancer can prevent you from having enjoyable sexual activity. Taking certain medications for these conditions can also lower your sex drive.


Available Treatments
Your doctor may suggest changing some of your medications that are causing your libido to wane. Treating your underlying medical conditions can also help improve your sexual drive. Lifestyle changes can also improve this issue. Adequate sleep, losing weight, and eating healthy foods can also help enhance your sexual desire. These changes can also improve your general health.


Talk therapy is an effective way to deal with conflicts, low self-esteem, and even trauma. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help improve sexual dysfunction. These therapies can aid in bringing back pleasure in sexual activities. They can also reduce your negative perceptions about sex.

Low libido can also improve with hormonal therapy. Menopause or hormonal imbalances can affect a woman’s sexual drive. Systemic estrogen therapy can increase the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body. This therapy can come in the form of pills, creams, or vaginal rings. Men can have testosterone replacement therapy. They can get testosterone in the form of injections or patches.


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