Shockwave therapy has been in use for years to treat many health conditions. The non-invasive treatment helps treat orthopedic injuries and kidney stones. Recently, medical practitioners have started using the therapy to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Patients suffering from ED who do not want invasive treatment can benefit from the therapy. It is also helpful for those who have a negative response to medication. Here are reasons why shockwave treatment is better than ED medication.


Shockwave Therapy For ED

Some medical practitioners consider shockwave therapy for ED to be experimental. Research on the treatment is still ongoing. The low-intensity shockwave therapy helps stimulate tissue and enhance blood flow. The doctor conducts the procedure in an exam room, taking about 15 minutes. 

The treatment does not require anesthesia, and the patient can go home afterward. The doctor uses a device that looks like a wand and moves it over the penis. It emits sound waves, stimulating the penile tissue and encouraging blood flow, which is vital for erections. 

Candidates For Shockwave Therapy

Candidates for shockwave therapy are men who have mild ED that is not responding to medications. It is also ideal for patients who do not wish to use medications. Men who want to reverse the causes of ED using regenerative therapy are candidates for this option. Many patients respond well to the treatment, but it is unclear whether it can replace other treatment options.

The treatment is most effective for men with vasculogenic ED. The blood vessel disorder restricts blood flow to the penis tissue. It is not clear whether shockwave therapy can help men with severe ED.


After The Shockwave Procedure

The patient can go home once ED treatment is complete. Some patients experience mild pain, and the doctor can recommend OTC medication for pain relief. Most people can return to their regular duties the day after therapy. The urologist may recommend restricting some activities to allow for a full recovery. Most people experience results within one to three months after treatment. 


Side Effects Of Shockwave Therapy

Studies have shown that shockwave therapy for ED is safe and effective. However, some patients may have potential risks, depending on their health condition. Some patients experience mild side effects after shockwave therapy. 

These include pain in the penis during the procedure, bruising or bleeding, and skin infection around the penis. Other side effects are bloody urine, painful erection, and worsening penile curvature. 

Common Treatments For ED

Common treatments include using medication such as sildenafil and tadalafil and making lifestyle changes. 

Changing diet, quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol, and getting adequate exercise can help reduce ED. Counseling is helpful if the ED is due to psychological issues like stress or anxiety. Treating underlying health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure can also help treat ED. 

Shockwave therapy can help speed up healing, but the frequency of the treatment period is not clear. There is still inadequate research to indicate the long-term benefits of shockwave therapy.

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