With so many different cosmetic treatments now available, choosing which ones to invest in can feel a little overwhelming. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a treatment that simply isn’t going to do what you want it to. This is especially true for many of the newer, more innovative treatments which may be harder to understand and more difficult to determine if they are effective and will work for you.

What Is Laser Lipo And How Does It Work?

Laser lipo is short for laser liposuction – a minimally invasive alternative to the conventional liposuction technique. Unlike traditional liposuction, during which the fat is removed from the body using a combination of movement to break up the fat and vacuum suction, laser liposuction is much less traumatic. Laser lipo uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to increase the temperature within fat cells, liquefying the fat that they contain.


The added benefit of laser lipo is that the heat also encourages the production of collagen, which helps to make skin stronger, firmer and smoother. This means that as well as eliminating body fat, laser lipo will also tighten skin in the area to enhance your results.


Laser lipo is performed in office. Local anesthetic is applied to the area where the laser will enter the body and an incision is made into the skin. The concentrated laser light will be focused into the area to liquify the fat. Once complete, your technician will insert a small tube into the same incision to gently suction out the liquified fat. The incision is then closed using a suture.


Patients need to attend multiple sessions of laser lipo in order to achieve the maximum benefit from their treatment. The exact number of sessions will depend on the size of the area being treated and how much fat you hope to have removed. Each session will usually take less than 30 minutes and there is minimal downtime following your appointment.


The Results Of Laser Lipo

The complete results of your laser lipo procedure won’t be visible immediately. While you may start to notice an improvement in the appearance of the targeted area within a week, realistically, optimal results for both fat loss and skin tightening will be seen between 4 and 6 months following your laser lipo treatment.


The Importance Of A Consultation

Although many cosmetic treatments, including laser lipo, are suitable for a wide range of different patients, it’s essential that you don’t undergo any procedure without first having a consultation appointment. In fact, any reputable clinic will insist on it. This is to make sure that firstly, you are a good candidate for the treatment in terms of your general health, but also to ensure that the treatment is the right one to help you achieve the results that you are looking for.


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