The American Society of Plastic Surgeons acknowledges cryo slimming and toning as a type of non-surgical fat reduction method. Losing weight can be done in different ways, but most prefer not to do it via surgery. Here’s what you should know about cryo slimming and toning.

Cryo Slimming Works

Some people fail to lose weight despite strict diets or workouts. Hiring a trainer may work for a while. Then, they think about liposuction and if it may or may not be good for them. The only way to remove excess weight is to try non-invasive procedures. Cryo slimming is a new and efficient technique to lose weight.

The process behind this treatment is cryolipolysis. It destroys fat through cold exposure. The process works because fat tissue is more sensitive to injuries from cold temperatures than other types of tissue.

Studies show that a cooling device can destroy fat cells only. The results of the study were predictable and promising. The fat layer decreased by about half an inch while preserving the condition of the skin. The results were so good that the technology was first approved for use on human tissue back in 2010 for love handles. It was then cleared for use on the chin, bra fat, thighs, back, belly, and underside of the buttocks.

How It Works

Research shows that the fat cells die off a few days after the treatment. The body’s macrophages then take over, consuming the dead fat cells over the next months. Macrophages are part of your immune system. They are the cleanup crew.

Unlike liposuction, cryo slimming does not need anesthesia. It does not involve incisions, bleeding, and infections. It is a safe, in-office treatment with minimal downtime and pain. Each session takes 35 minutes. The patient will need many applications for each target area.

After The Treatment

Tingling, redness, numbness, bruising, or darkening may occur in the treated area. They can go away months after the procedure. The results can be evident in three weeks. Maximum benefits often manifest in about three months. A fat reduction of 10 to 25 percent is possible after every treatment session. You can have another round of treatments months after, depending on the results you want.

The Right Candidate

Cryo slimming and toning are effective in people who qualify for the treatment. The patient must understand that this treatment is for fat reduction and not for weight loss. The candidate should also be near the ideal body weight and only has problem fat areas. Exercise and diet often fail to reduce the fat in these parts of the body.

This new fat reduction treatment can reduce the fat in these problem areas. It cannot target the fat that surrounds your visceral organs. That is why it cannot improve your health. But it can allow you to fit into your old clothes again.

Reducing fat through cryo slimming is a new and effective way to shape up. This treatment can allow you to tone more of your muscles. At Boca Raton Laser Lipo, we help our patients understand our aesthetic procedures first and guide them throughout the treatment.

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